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Warrantied Work

McCauley Construction Co. started in Houston in the early  60's by Paul E. McCauley.  Commercial / Industrial           steel buildings became very popular and with a booming economy, many of these types of buildings were erected.

We fabricated and erected our own metal buildings through the 80's.  As buildings aged, we noticed a need for a company to provide repairs to existing buildings.  Gradually we started exclusively doing repairs, accessories and modifications to steel buildings. 

Today we are one of the longest running companies in the steel building repair industry, and still family owned and operated by Michael R. McCauley. As always, the owner of our company participates hands-on, every project and personally inspects and guarantees satisfaction with every job.



"Put your building in my hands and when I give it back to you, I can do so with a clear conscience" - Michael R. McCauley



Truer words never spoken.  We offer one of the longest leak warranties on a new metal roof.


We take our work seriously, and when we are satisfied with a finished job, we know you will be too.


That means alot when it comes from a company with proven longevity.

God Bless America

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All metals removed from our projects are recycled.  Recycling metal helps our economy in many ways. Less energy is used to process new materials and natural resources are conserved.

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Not all steel building components are created equal.  There are alot of imported components out there and there IS a difference.  We only use components on your building from U.S. manufacturers.